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Turkana MCAs ask for more time to internalize contents of punguza mizigo Bill


Turkana county MCAs have said they need more time to internalize contents of the punguza mizigo Bill before it is tables to the assembly.

This came on a day that Third Way Alliance Kenya Party Leader Ekuru Aukot presented the Bill to the assembly.

County Assembly Speaker Ekitela Lokaale said that MCAs had requested more time for them to interpret the bill before it is tabled on the floor of the house.

"Our house business committee will meet and decide on the date to table the bill," Mr Lokaale said.

During the session, nominated MCAs protested the abolishment of their posts noting that majority of them were women.

Nominated MCA Alice Nakawa said the Bill should consider having an easy way of ensuring gender balance at county assemblies just like they proposed an equal number at the National Assembly and the Senate.

Concerns were also raised on the proposal to have a one term President a situation that was argued to be an avenue for wastage of resources as the next President can decide not to continue investing in mega projects citing lack of funds.

Aukot accused a section of political leaders campaigning for Building Bridges Initiative for failing to comply with constitutional procedures over their push for a referendum.

Aukot said despite the leaders urging Kenyans not to discuss the Punguza Mizigo Bill, they have nothing substantive to show when they oppose his party's initiative.

"The leaders should have a constitutional procedure to come up with amendments and this either be through the National Assembly or through popular initiative," he said at Turkana County Assembly in Lodwar during an informal sensitization sitting with Members of County Assembly and residents on Punguza Mizigo bill.

He termed leaders threatening MCAs selfish pointing out that they only turn to Kenyans when they were taking advantage of Kenyans to serve their selfish interests.

Dr. Aukot said each of the 1450 ward unit will be primary units of accelerated development and hence will promote equity.

“I urge all MCAs to support the bill as it will ensure every Kenya easily access development that include clean and affordable water, health services, schools and good roads thereby addressing marginalization. If each Kenya access proper services any Kenya can be a president," he said.

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