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Fuel shortage as floods rage in Garissa

Ijara and Hulugho Sub-counties in Garissa are facing severe fuel shortage following the current heavy rains pounding the area.

The three petrol station of heller,ijara and wamo in Masalani town were closed with  empty tanks as their  stocks had  been exhausted  for the past two weeks.

The Heller manager, Mohammed Barre, said he kept stocks for about 30,000 liters, but could not restock after fuel lories were stuck due to the ongoing rains.

“We ordered for fuel from Garissa but tanker of fuel through Bura took almost seven days to reached Masalani town and is not enough going by demand,” he said.

However, Mr. Bare promises that he has ordered for more fuel from Mombasa depot that will be delivered anytime when rains subsides.

“We had the supply from Garissa but was finished the first two days, I promised if the rain subsided I will order more fuel from our depot in Mombasa,” he promised.

The shortage also affected Hola town and Garsen where Ijara used to rely on. Bayusuf Caltex Petrol Station could not supply the commodity due the floods but the company is optimistic that fuel from Mombasa would be delivered this week.

The polio vaccination campaigns was also affected due to the shortage and the  Ijara Medical Officer of Health, Dr Abdinasir Abdikadir Mohamed, says the fuel they got from their supplier could not suffice the team to complete the campaign within five days.

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