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Legislator asks governor to account for missing millions

Luanda MP Chris Omulele has challenged Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo to account for the alleged loss of Sh900m in the County books in the 2017/2018 Financial Year.

Speaking at Esiandumba Primary School during a fund drive, Omulele said that it is disheartening to see millions of public funds go into people’s pockets when there is little to show in terms of development.

“There is very little as a County we can be proud of in terms of development when some few individuals are feeding on government funds. I urge Governor Ottichilo to take responsibility. Let him tell the electorate where the money went to,” he said.

Last month, the Governor appeared before the Senate Public Accounts Committee to among other issues explain how the Sh900 was used during 2017/2018 FY.

Omulele told the gathering that the answers the Governor gave the Senate Committee, which he also attended, were unsatisfactory.

“How can Governor Ottichilo say that the money which cannot be accounted for went missing during the previous regime when in reality he is the one who was in power during the financial year under consideration?” posed Omulele.

Meanwhile, Omulele urged those contracted to accomplish Constituency Development Funds (CDF) projects to do a professional job warning that those who will do substandard work will not be paid.

He urged those interested to run for positions on an ODM ticket in 2022 to ensure that they apply for membership before the year ellapses warning that the Party may not welcome people who have not been long-term members to run for seats.

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