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Obado disagrees with his critics, says he is ‘busy working’

Migori Governor Zachary Obado wants his critics to assess his development records based on how he has used public funds obtained from the National Treasury.

Obado said his government has done a lot to the people of Migori since he was voted in as the first governor in 2013.

The Governor disagreed with his critics who he claimed are ‘intentionally’ busy poking holes on his development track.

He said their claims are not sincere and now invites them to see the type of projects he has initiated to change the lives of Migori residents.

Speaking while launching the construction of the official Migori County Assembly official Speaker’s residence at Tharaka village, Suna East Constituency Obado said his projects are meant to uplift the standard of Migori residents.

Obado however challenged the locals to embrace vocational training colleges which are meant to empower the youths.

The said those who did not join secondary schools are highly encouraged to join the colleges to enhance their technical skills which will improve their lives in totality.

He said the National and County Governments are working together to ensure those joining the government vocational colleges complete their courses without the strain of paying college fees.

Governor promised to work with the National Government to construct a vocational college at Tharaka village to help the youths.

The official speaker’s residence is projected to cost over Sh 30 million according to County Assembly Public Communication officer Nancy Kijana.

The project is expected to save close to Sh 60,000, the money assembly is spending monthly to rent the speaker's residence in Migori town.

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