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Wrangles over construction of Kangaru-Kariari road in Embu

A wrangle has ensued between Manyatta Constituency Member of Parliament and Rugu –Ngandori ward representative over construction of Kangaru-Kariari road.

The political tussle over the road which has seen Cardinal John Njue being drawn in, follows MCA Muturi Mwombo’s claims of personal lobbying for the project.

 Mwombo says through the county assembly, with assistance from the cardinal, he had written to President Uhuru Kenyatta requesting for construction of Kangaru–Kiriari road.

He said President Uhuru responded positively to the letter dated July 2019 and had agreed to the tarmacking of the 12 km stretch.

However Mwombo is unamused as he alleges, the MP John Muchiri, has been claiming credit for the same on social media.

He notes, they are not in competition over who outdoes the other but are complementing one another in the improvement of the constituency, and called on the leaders in the region to work closely to foster development that benefits the electorate.

Responding to the allegations, legislator Muchiri said the road “in contention” was included in the ongoing construction by national government of mega ring road in Embu after a part of it was found to have been already done by the county government.

Muchiri said he wrote four letters to the Ministry of Infrastructure seeking for inclusion of the road section to compensate for those done by the county government.

In addition the legislator said he has been following up on the issue since 2016 and it is only recently that it was approved for construction.

He said the delay of commencement of the construction, is not because he is affiliated to Deputy President William Ruto but due to lack of finances.

He challenged Mwombo to mind about his area of jurisdiction and stop taking credit for the work he has not done.

Separately, the MP called on the government to enforce anti Covid-19 regulations laid down by the ministry of health to ensure Kenyans are safe. He particularly pointed out that strict care should be observed while handling bodies by the morgue attendants to avoid contamination.

On revenue sharing formula, Muchiri recommended a consultative forum between the opposition and Jubilee party to resolve the impasse, adding that a county losing about 1 billion shillings from its budget is a lot of money.

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