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Senator appeals for one year school fees waiver

KNA  The government should waive school fees for one year to enable parents adjust to Covid-19 pandemic economic-related tribulations, Bomet Senator Mr. Christopher Langat has said.


Senator Langat said as a way of cushioning parents affected economically by the Covid-19 challenges, the government should step in and give 100 per cent waivers on school fees in 2021.


Speaking during a presser in Bomet town on Monday, Langat claimed that some schools had turned the requirement to wearing mask into a cash cow saying parents were being asked to buy daily masks at exorbitant prices.


“Many parents are struggling financially and cannot afford to feed their families because of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and government should have mercy and step in as they try to stabilize financially by paying school fees for the whole year,” he said.


Langat said without the intervention of both the national and county governments, the country risked registering a huge school dropout occasioned by lack of school fees.


The former Senate Education Committee Chairperson said the Ministry of Education should put its acts together and prepare to enroll all children in school and finance their tuition fees.


“It is a trying moment for the country and the education sector as a whole. We are staring at hundreds of students who may drop out because their parents have failed to raise schools fees and as a government we should work round the clock to ensure that learning resume and students are comfortably back in school,” he said.


He said as the country’s leadership set out to unite the country through BBI they should not forget the struggling parents.


Senator Langat asked the government to move in and crack the whip on school management milking parents by demanding more than Sh3, 000 for purchasing masks before a student is admitted back.


“It is shocking that parents are being literally milked in the name of providing mask to their children. The weird behaviour by some schools to force parents to buy mask in school daily is wrong and should stop,” he said.


Langat said parents should be allowed to buy masks that are reusable and affordable.

“The idea of some schools to demand that children only buy mask within the school should stop. The reports are disturbing and very wrong,” he said.

Langat said he has since reported to the Ministry of Education particular schools within Bomet that were taking advantage on parents by making wearied demands on masks.


The Senator was accompanied by, Kenya Parents Association Bomet branch chairman Dr Stephen Koskei who said that lack of school fees has affected many parents who could not afford school fees as many had lost their jobs due to the effects of the disease.


Dr. Koskei said many parents lost their jobs due to the Covid pandemic and many other are struggling with their business and will be an uphill task to pay their school fees.


“Let alone paying school fees, some of them may not even afford to buy their children personal effects as they return. We witness this situation first hand recently when many children reported to school without mask because their parents were broke,” Dr Koskei said.

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