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Njuri Ncheke call for respect of shrine

KNA       The Meru Council of Elders ‘Njuri Ncheke has warned residents of the larger Meru region to respect traditional shrines and desist from cutting indigenous trees.

Njuri Ncheke chairman Linus Kathela said the council of elders will not sit back as some unscrupulous people continue to encroach on their traditional shrines and to destroy the migumo trees that have been preserved since time immemorial. 

“Some people have not only encroached into traditional shrines but are also becoming a threat to the environment by cutting indigenous trees in riparian areas which will lead to desertification,” said Kadhela.

Kathela further cautioned Igembe residents to desist from planting eucalyptus trees along rivers, especially Duthunazo river, whose volume is declining by the day despite being the major source of domestic water for Igembe Central and North sub-counties.

He at the same time called on politicians to desist from engaging in divisive politics but rather channel their energy into serving their electorate by implementing development projects and leading in conserving the environment.

Among the traditional shrines, he said is Igombe in Igembe North just near the border with Isiolo and a short distance from Gachiuru market where there is a crater in savannah grasslands that is of much interest to the Meru people and their Borana neighbours.

The crater emits two substances in liquid form that are consumed by both humans and livestock. One of the substances is dark and is consumed by livestock while the other is clear and is consumed by people. 

Traditionally, the crater was considered a shrine where only vetted women who had reached menopause were allowed to fetch the liquid substances. It was an abomination for other people to fetch the liquid from it. To date the alleged highly curative substance is sourced from it. Geologists have also shown interest in the area.

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